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Cheeky Chica® Burgundy Red is a rich and intense shade of dark red with subtle hints of velvety purple hues. Mysterious, enchanting, and sultry, this shade never fails to impress or go unnoticed! Red shoes, red dress, and an enticing red mane, Queen of Hearts, slay and never turn back!

Cheeky Chica® clip-in hair extensions are designed with multi-tone shade adapt system, allowing them to adapt to your own hair colour for a beautiful and seamless look.

Exquisite 24" set is made of 200grams of pure hair weight! It is a Full Head set designed of 8 clip-in wefts with 19 clips in total, with the hair carefully distributed among the wefts to allow for a perfect coverage and natural blending.
Best suited to medium length and longer hairstyles.

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