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Our Product

The Hair Quality

In working closely with one of the most established international hair manufacturers on the market, we ensure that our Cheeky Chica® hair extensions are always custom-made to our highest standards.

Cheeky Chica® hair extensions are only made of the finest quality 100% Luxury Premium Remy protein rich human hair and nothing else. All the hair used to make the extensions has been carefully collected and sorted during manufacture, so that all the cuticles are kept intact and aligned in the same direction, to ensure the hair remains soft, healthy, and completely tangle-free throughout its lifespan.

The Thickness & Ends

We never compromise with the quality of hair that we provide. During manufacture, the hair is produced to at least Grades AAA+ & AAAA Double Drawn, which are ultimately two of the highest grades of real human hair, ensuring that the majority of the hairs used are of the same length, resulting in thicker, fuller hair extensions.

Remy human hair Grades AAA+ & AAAA Double Drawn are two of the most durable types of hair extensions available on the market and could last up to 5 - 12 months or even over a year with the proper hair care and maintenance.

The Lustre & Softness

Unlike synthetic hair, which does usually have a very artificial "plastic" shine to it, real Remy human hair has a distinctive beautiful and extremely healthy-looking natural lustre. Truly irresistible to the sight and to the touch, Cheeky Chica® hair extensions would completely transform your look!

The Wefts

Cheeky Chica® hair extensions are made of triple-wefted or quad-wefted hair pieces, sewn tightly to ensure minimal hair shedding over time and to keep them laying flat onto your head once clipped in for a truly natural and undetectable finished look.

The Clips

Carefully researched and tested to allow secure yet comfortable grip, our clips are made of stainless steel metal and lined with a soft silicone band. The stainless steel metal is colour-matched to the hair shade, making them completely undetectable under your hair.

The comb-style design of the clips allows them to slide into your natural hair gently and effortlessly, while the soft silicone lining underneath cushions the hair for minimal damage and also prevents the hair from slipping away. The clips are sewn tightly onto each weft to keep them securely in place.

The Packaging

Cheeky Chica® hair extensions come beautifully wrapped in a protective hair net and are packaged in our very own custom made box to allow safe and easy storage, and to also provide you with the most essential tips for hair care and maintenance.

The Cheeky Promise

We believe that a perfect day begins with a perfect hair and a perfect hair begins here… where the magic happens!

A hair makeover instantaneously: from short to long, from thin to thick, from plain to glam… from you to a Cheeky Chica®!
Instant clip-in confidence and a good hair day, every day!

Embrace the bold, glamorous, and uniquely beautiful Cheeky Chica® in You with gorgeously thick, long, soft & silky 100% Luxury Premium Remy human clip-in hair extensions.

We focus on your complete satisfaction as our topmost priority to ensure your experience with us a truly enjoyable one from your shopping bag to completely transforming your look!

"Hello My Perfect Hair!" ♥