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SHOP Hair Extensions 20" length Ponytail #612 Babydoll Blonde

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Cheeky Chica® Babydoll Blonde is one of the lightest blonde shades that we carry - it is a true ash-toned blonde, ever so lightly touched by soft golden nuances. Babydoll Blonde is familiar to all with its flirty, carefree, and truly feminine character.

Cheeky Chica® clip-in hair extensions are designed with multi-tone shade adapt system, allowing them to adapt to your own hair colour for a beautiful and seamless look.

Instant Ponytail is made of 130grams of pure hair weight! It is perfect for an easy and instant glam up-do. The clip-on ponytail can easily be applied in minutes with its comb clip for a secure fit. It can be clipped over & wrapped around your own hair easily and securely to create a 20" long sleek ponytail.
High Fashion Ponytail on fleek - it is that simple!

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